Centre for Muslim States and Societies

Muslim States in the Indian Ocean Region: identity, heritage and culture

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The Centre focuses on political, social, economic and religious trends in the Indian Ocean region.

In addition to exploring Islamisation in Indonesia and Iran, the Centre also studies Muslims in India, Malaysia and other regional states.



Muslims in India and Australia: Exploring dynamics of inclusion and exclusion

The project explores the notion of identities among Muslim youth in India and Australia.

Chief investigators


  • Mozaffari, A. (In Press) Forming National Identity in Iran: the Idea of Homeland Derived from Persian and Islamic Imaginations of Place, London: IB Tauris. 
  • Louay Abdulbaki, Democratization and Islamic political activism in Muslim countries, Egypt and Indonesia, Books on Demand, 2008
  • Helen Kelly, What are the Sources of Islamic Militancy in Southern Thailand? UWA Honours thesis, 2006
  • Michelle Lau, Post September–11 Singapore: Evolving Malay-Muslim Citizenship, UWA Honours thesis.
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