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We provide a forum for the discussion of events in Pakistan through commentaries, an annual symposium and an occasional newsletter.


You are invited to share your ideas on developments in Pakistan in short commentaries of 800 to 1000 words. These contributions will be peer reviewed and included in this section. Please ensure that they are properly referenced using the Harvard Style.

Publications and Conference Papers

  • Rizwan Zeb, Making sense of the peace interval in centre-province relationships: Balochistan as a case study, Paper presented at the International Graduate Conference, East-West Centre, University of Hawaii, USA, February 2012. 
  • Bubalo, A, Phillips, S, Yasmeen, S. 2011, Talib or Taliban? Indonesian students in Pakistan and Yemen, The Lowy Institute for International Policy, NSW, Australia
  • Yasmeen, S. 2012, Islam, identity and discourses in Pakistan in Routledge Handbook of Political Islam, Routledge, UK
  • Yasmeen, S. 2010, Women in Jihad: Emerging Discourses in Pakistan in Pakistan's Quagmire. Security, Strategy, and the Future of the Islamic-nuclear Nation, The Continuum International Publishing Group Ltd, New York

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