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Through internships, students assist scholars with research projects, help organise events and learn techniques for conducting qualitative interviews. They are encouraged to publish material in collaboration with senior members of the Centre.

Eligible students

UWA students

Procedures, expectations and learning outcomes are consistent with the Bachelor of Arts Arts Practicum.

Australian tertiary students

Are welcome to apply.


Can apply for one to three months, and should have sufficient funding to cover expenses. The Centre can provide desk space, computer and a chance to gain work and project experience in a vibrant academic environment.

High school students

The Centre welcomes students who are keen to expand their horizons and gain experience in researching about Islam and participating in organizing conferences. The Centre regularly accepts interns from Shenton College as part of the UWA Learning Links Program. Students from other institutions are welcome to apply.



  • Negotiate a work schedule and timeframe with the Director of the Centre, and forward a completed placement information summary to the executive assistant at the Centre.
  • Use the expectations and perceptions of supervision survey (included in information packet) to guide discussion with the supervisor on the goals, priorities and expected outcomes of the practicum.
  • Undertake a minimum of 100 hours of project-related work with the Centre. Your work schedule should be negotiated with the Centre's supervisor, and you should inform the Director of the Centre of start and finishing dates.
  • Keep track of your hours on a timesheet signed by the supervisor.
  • Complete an online 30 hour check-up survey to send feedback to the Director.
  • Complete the Arts skills summary, to be included in the final portfolio. This is an outline designed to help students discover and determine the skills and knowledge that will be of importance in the workplace.

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