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Burqa, Hijab and Niqab: the debates in Australia

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Against the backdrop of heightened focus on burqa and niqab in Europe, the Centre is conducting qualitative research on views among Muslims and non-Muslims on wearing the burqa, hijab or niqab.

The aim is to ascertain the extent to which voices that gain prominence either reflect the prevailing attitudes or magnify the concern despite the presence of alternative views among the community. The research specifically aims to explore reactions of people to women wearing burqa or niqab, and their views on the need to legislate banning it in Australia.



The initial research phase was funded by the National Centre of Excellence in Islamic Studies, University of Melbourne


  • Current: Online Survey: The Debate on Banning the Burqa in Australia is open for participation. For details, please contact Tessa Burkitt
  • Public forum on ‘Banning The Burqa in Australia?’, Public Forum at The University of Western Australia, 12 September 2011. Speakers, Winthrop Professor Krishna Sen (UWA); Dr Farida Fozdar (UWA), Dr Zahera Taheri, (ANU), Mr Izhar-ul-Haq, (Pakistan).


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