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Muslim identities in Australia

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The issue of Muslim inclusion and exclusion has underpinned debates on how to address problems of militancy emerging in western liberal societies.

We want to go beyond the narrow debate to explore factors that create the need and manifestation of exclusion and/or inclusion among majority and minority communities.


With a commitment to interdisciplinary research, we are interested in conducting comparative research in the experiences of Muslims as minority communities in the west, particularly Australia. Our research aims to provide a venue for exploring and promoting moderate voices in Islam and Muslim societies.

We are investigating the role of family, associations, internet, national and international developments in shaping the views of Muslim Australian citizens. We engage young second and third generation Muslim Australians, women and men of diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, through qualitative interviews in helping us understand their views on being Australian citizens. We focus on the role of perceptions, identity construction, and accessing support from governmental agencies in Australia.



Centre for Muslim States and Societies

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