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Our research priorities focus on the role of Islam and Muslim communities in Pakistan, Australia and other countries in the Indian Ocean region.

The Centre researches:

  • role of Islam in states with Muslim populations, with special emphasis on the Indian Ocean region
  • implications of Islamic revivalism for different social and religious groups in these societies
  • links between Islam and foreign policy
  • relationships between ethnicity, Islam and migration in countries with predominantly non-Muslim populations
  • developments in Pakistan
Muslim identities in Australia
Understanding Muslim identities explores the interplay of local, national and international factors in shaping the sense of identity or identities among Muslims in the West.
Pakistan: religion, identity and foreign policy
The impact of Islamisation on Pakistan’s political, social, economic and cultural developments is explored along with the nexus between Islamisation and Pakistan’s foreign policy.
Muslim states in the Indian Ocean Region: identity, heritage and culture
We focus on political, social, economic and religious trends in the Indian Ocean region, particularly Islamisation in Indonesia and Iran. We also study Muslims in India.
National and international scholars are invited to take advantage of the Centre's interdisciplinary approach to the study of Islam's role in the region with fellowships of one month to one year.

Centre for Muslim States and Societies

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