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Islamic Groups: Identities, worldviews and issues of security – 25 February 2006

The Centre for Muslim States and Societies hosted an international conference on assessing the role of Islamic groups.

A number of Muslim groups have attracted attention since 11 September. The conference looked at different ways in which Islamic groups operate at national, regional and international levels. The main aim of the conference was to develop a typology of Islamic groups operating at the regional and global level with a view to assessing their implications for security in the short and long term.

A number of Australian and international specialists presented papers on different Islamic groups.

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Islam Muslims and Australia – 6 October 2006

Islam and Muslims in Australia have attracted attention since the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. The subsequent bombings in Madrid, Jakarta, and London as well as the Cronulla Riots in December 2005 have led to questions about Muslim identities in Australia. The concern regarding home grown terrorism has been paralleled by a debate on the meaning and relevance of Australian values for Muslims living in the country. Meanwhile, the cartoon controversy and the violent reaction in some countries to the Pope's remarks about Prophet Mohammad have drawn attention to the relationship between religious identities and secularism in liberal democracies.

The symposium aimed to discuss these and other concerns with the help of national and international experts. We explored answers to questions

  • Is there a conflict between the Muslim identity and Australian identity?
  • What role are Muslim women playing as Australian citizens?
  • What part has government policy played in making Australian Muslims feel integrated?
  • What can Australian Muslims learn from the experiences of other Muslims living in western-liberal states?

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