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The Centre for Muslim States and Societies aims to promote understanding of the beliefs and practices of Muslims, particularly those living in the Indian Ocean region.

The Centre explores the identities, cultures and values of these states, as well as the roles of Muslims in the West and Australia. It is a venue for exploring and promoting moderate voices in Islam and Muslim societies.

Our focus on the needs, conditions and issues facing Muslims in Australia aims to build harmony.

The Centre researches the role of Islam in social, political, economic and cultural developments in the region. It also focuses on the identities, cultures and values of Muslim communities residing within liberal democracies, especially Australia. Through this work, the Centre assists the exploration and promotion of moderate voices in Islam and interfaith dialogue.

Through an annual symposium and a series of lectures and seminars the Centre communicates its research results and engages national and international scholars and practitioners.

In line with UWA’s commitment to community service, the Centre actively contributes to the state, national and international arena through outreach activities and interfaith dialogue. The Centre is part of UWA's Religion and Globalisaton Initiative in partnership with the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, and works with Faiz Ghar, Pakistan.


The Centre researches:

  • the role of Islam in states with Muslim populations, with special emphasis on the Indian Ocean region
  • implications of Islamic revivalism for different social and religious groups in these societies
  • links between Islam and foreign policy
  • relationships between ethnicity, Islam and migration in countries with predominantly non-Muslim populations
  • developments in Pakistan

Collaboration and consultation

The Centre engages in collaborative academic and policy-orientated research with other universities and institutions. It cooperates with government and non-government institutions interested in learning about Islam and Muslims and their role within Australia.

We offer visiting fellowships to internationally renowned scholars, internships and postgraduate research opportunities. The Centre also provides consulting services to groups and businesses interested in interacting with and investing in Muslim states.


Centre for Muslim States and Societies

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